What Hinders The Development Of An Impact Crusher

February 14, 2019

In recent years, China's economy has achieved rapid development and played a crucial role in the machinery manufacturing industry, especially in the mining machinery industry. But there is still a big gap between China's impact crusher and the world's advanced impact crusher, and there is still a long way to go. How can we make breakthroughs in this competition? Speeding up technological innovation is our unquestionable choice.

1) Infrastructure provides opportunities for the development of mining machinery.

The application of mining machinery is closely related to the infrastructure. In addition, after the financial crisis, China has adopted a series of policies and measures to stimulate domestic demand and promote stable and rapid economic development, including investment 4 trillion to "growth" measures to stimulate the investment enthusiasm of a new round of local government. "People's livelihood project" has become the number one investment choice. Choose. The local government investment plan is still focused on railways, highways, power plants, real estate and other infrastructure projects. China's mining machinery industry is closely related. This provides a new opportunity for the development of China's mining machinery industry. At the same time, higher demand, the mining machinery industry must speed up technological innovation, improve the technical content, and obtain more market areas.

2) Poor technology is the development of industry

Compared with the international advanced level, China's mining machinery is generally lagging behind, and most of the impact crusher technology has been introduced since the middle of 1980s. The market share of domestic mining machinery products is less than 80%. Most of the imported products are large, good, sharp set products, such as shearers, large efficient separation equipment, impact crusher and grinding equipment. Since the reform and opening up, the main way to improve the technological level of products is the technology of foreign exchange market. Every country in the development process of mechanical design is an evolutionary process in the world. It has experienced a single product design, a single product process design and a complete process design. Therefore, the current design mining impact crusher and other machinery manufacturing industries and enterprises are relatively weak, so mining machinery manufacturing industry not only to improve their professional skills conditions, but also united the different forms, domestic and foreign professional design institute.

The environment, which relies on a large number of cheap labor and the cost of developing the economy, is out of date. The mining machinery industry needs to explore a suitable and sustainable road in this low carbon age, all of which require the conversion of the concepts of governments at all levels, as well as mine machinery manufacturers, so that they can broaden their horizons and hair. Show their industry in an international perspective.