The Reutilization Of Waste Ore By Impact Crusher

February 14, 2019

We usually think that the waste ore and waste rock can be used again. The problem of using the material to crush is the problem of dust pollution. The production of dust is mainly caused by the two processes of crushing and sieving. In terms of fragmentation, the impact crusher can effectively control the generation of dust. Because the impact crusher uses the vertical shaft closed crushing, mainly using the impact between materials to achieve material breakage, during the crushing process of the crushing chamber, the amount of dust produced is small. At the same time, the whole machine adopts a closed crushing method. Compared with the other series of broken equipment, the impact crusher is greatly reduced. Less dust is produced. At the same time, the impact broken in the early design thought of the use of the dust removal equipment, the series of crushing equipment can be used with a variety of specifications of the dust removal equipment, installation of the dust collector impact crusher, its dust removal effect can be as high as 99%.

This is why the impact crusher can recycle the waste ore and waste, and the use of the series of crushing equipment can not only improve the economic benefits of the overall process, but also reduce the cost of operation.