Teach You How To Detect The Load Of An Impact Crusher

February 14, 2019

The operation of any machine can not leave the safety test. It is a good production process, and it can also reduce the machine failure as much as possible. The application of impact crusher in mining machinery industry is quite common. For hard rock and hard rock mining, screening is almost inevitable. When we need to break through the soft material, such as coal or salt, according to the analysis of the broken loop, we are only careful to choose screening. If you choose the impact crusher, it can bring you one hundred percent breaking efficiency, we can not only save the cost of investment, but also greatly reduce the maintenance cost. The load of impact crusher can affect the particle size and energy consumption of the product, and the price of impact crusher can also affect the normal operation of the crusher. If we use an impact crusher before we have an early warning system, we will reduce some unnecessary problems in the production process. For this reason, we need to detect the load of impact crusher in time. When we need to do a lot of breakage, the last eyebrow that we should test should be able to control the final product granularity impact crusher load. Usually, the material content of the broken closed circuit system is contained from the previous crushing and cyclic loading. The main methods to test the final crushing of the impact crusher load :

(1) We can directly use the liquid level meter to indicate the material level of the material in the broken chamber, so we can know the load;

(2) The current circuit breaking maneuver we need to detect;

(3) We should know the throughput of the belt conveyer;

(4) Of the road is broken. Crushing and sieving the load of closed cycle, we can reach a decision.