Let Construction Machinery Play A Greater Role In The Rescue

February 14, 2019

"Last year's ice relief and earthquake relief once again highlighted the huge role of engineering rescue equipment, but it also exposed the shortage of equipment in the emergency rescue system." Long Guojian, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the ZOOMLION board of supervisors, called for the integration of engineering machinery resources to make the construction machinery play a greater role in the rescue.

Long Guojian said that looking at the recent major natural disaster rescue, we need a lot of engineering machinery and equipment to rescue and rescue. However, China's investment in the rescue equipment system is relatively low, and the allocation rate is low, especially in the two major natural disasters in 2008. The problem of inadequate equipment is particularly prominent.

During the ice disaster, I found that the machinery used for ice and snow could not be found in the market. Most of the tools for snow removal were spades, pickaxe, hammers and even sticks. When the Wenchuan earthquake, ZOOMLION's first assault team arrived in Beichuan, only 2 old Changjiang River, 8 tons and two arm hoists were saved, far from being able to meet the demand for rescue. "

The Dragon national key suggested that the construction machinery resources should be integrated and the construction machinery rescue professional enterprises should be set up by the government. In the idle period, the equipment is leased to the related enterprises through the operation of the company. The special period will be unified and unified by the government. In addition, as the crane and other engineering machinery and equipment have been completely socialized, more than 80% of the terminal customers are private owners, and can be led by the engineering machinery industry association to establish an information base to further strengthen the leadership and coordination of the industry.