Hydraulic Cone Crusher

February 14, 2019

Introduction of the product of hydraulic cone crusher

The hydraulic cone crusher is a highly efficient conical crusher with the world's advanced level. It is a perfect combination of crushing speed, eccentricity and high performance crushing cavity design. He not only improves production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands application range from limestone to Xuan Wuyan, from stone production to various ore breakages. It can be used for crushing, crushing and crushing. The finished product sand stone has a high content of grain below 8mm, and has a great comparative advantage in practical use. The whole production line is stable and good in shape. It fully meets the production requirements of high quality construction mechanism sand and stone. It has high praise in the customers.

Performance characteristics of hydraulic cone crusher.

1 : High efficiency : Using the optimized structure of fixed spindle and ball face shaft, the efficiency is 5%-15% higher than that of the old spring cone.

2 : Production capacity : The HPC hydraulic cone crusher, the perfect combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and broken cavity shape, is 35%-60% higher than the old type of spring cone under the same size of the broken cone.

3 : High crushing quality : The special crushing principle is used to produce the crushing effect between particles, and the stone flakes are reduced and grain / even is more uniform.

4 : High stability of operation : When a hard object such as iron blocks can not be broken into the machine, the iron protection device will release it automatically, and then reset it immediately.

5 : Multi-point hydraulic lubrication control system ensures double lubrication and overload protection for machine bearing lubrication.

Application of hydraulic cone crusher.

The hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used for two segment breakage and three segment breakage in the processing of metal mines and building sand. Because of its strong crushing capacity and large output, the sand and stone production line of the hydraulic cone crusher is used more for the breakage of the high hardness materials such as pebbles and granite.