Characteristics Of The Performance Structure Of The Shisheng's Counterattack Crusher

February 14, 2019

Shisheng counter crusher is divided into two kinds of Chinese (model PF) and European type (model PEW). These two kinds of counter attack breakers are mainly used in metallurgy, mine, building materials and other industries, which are mainly engaged in the fine work in the material. The structural features of Shin Sheng impact crusher are as follows:

The structural composition of the Chinese and European version of the counter strike crusher is roughly the same. It is made up of a frame, a rotor, a board hammer, a counterattack plate, a side shield and so on. The PF type of counterattack crusher is mostly broken in three cavities. It will impact the material by the high speed rotation of the hammer head and then crushes the back strike plate to form the material, and the three cavity is broken. There are three counter strike plates in the crushing chamber, which guarantee the efficiency of the material molding in the crushing engineering and greatly reduce the amount of return sand. In the process of sand making, it can improve the operation efficiency of the whole production process and ensure the fine grain shape of the finished product.

The European version of the counter strike crusher is divided into two cavity and three cavity two series. The two cavity breakage is mainly used in the coarse and medium craftwork of the material. The series of breakers can break the large stone material of medium hardness to less than 50mm, which greatly simplifies the process flow. The three chamber Counterimpact crusher is mainly used in fine crushing and ultra fine crushing process, and at the same time, it can adjust the clearance between the counterattack plate and the hammerhead to adjust the particle size.

The above is about the advantages and characteristics of Shing Sheng crusher products. Welcome new and old customers to visit our company.